Beating Ad Fatigue and Converting Customers With Conversational Marketing

A Marketing Conundrum: When, Where, and How Often to Put Your Brand in Front of Customers

The core of avoiding ad fatigue lies in understanding just how often you should put your brand in front of potential customers. It doesn’t matter how you divide your funnel or your efforts, and it doesn’t matter the size of your marketing team. Whether you are the CMO for a global corporation with a team of marketing professionals working under you, or you are a small startup with a marketing department of just one person, you have the same goal: to move potential customers through your funnel and into the purchasing stage with as little marketing cost as possible.

High Ad Frequency Leads to Ad Fatigue and Diminishing Returns on Ad Spend

Conventional marketing wisdom used to state that the more ad visibility your brand had the better. That advice has changed given the present-day marketing environment. Bombarding customers with your brand does nothing to move them down the funnel. If anything, it stops business relationships before they’ve even started. So many more marketing avenues exist now that didn’t exist back in the day. Consumers can be left feeling shell shocked, or worse, annoyed if you over-utilize all of them.

Adspresso chart of CTR, CPC and frequency trends for ad fatigue

Streamlining Your Marketing Funnel and Minimizing Ad Fatigue Through Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing takes your marketing efforts and streamlines them into a highly personalized conversation. Conversational marketing enables a 1-on-1 customer relationship to be established immediately. It also gives you access to a treasure trove of declared data, providing you a comprehensive picture of the customer’s preferences.

Convert Customers Quickly by Collapsing Ad Touchpoints and Personalizing Experiences Through Conversational Marketing

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to differentiate your shopper’s intentions, to be able to tell the difference between a customer shopping for themselves and someone buying a gift? To have actionable data points about their preferences and price points? Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate needless, ineffective follow-up marketing after the point of sale?

B2C Messaging’s Continued Growth

People love text-based messaging. For more than 50 percent of all internet and mobile users in the US, messaging was their preferred method of communication. Messaging is only expected to continue its rapid growth with an expected increase to 2.48 billion worldwide users by 2021. Messaging is so widely used that more than 20 billion business-related messages are sent per month on Facebook Messenger alone.



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